I am the lead pistol instructor and owner of Passion for Pistols. I am a full time administrator in a manufacturing facility. I understand how difficult it can be to set aside time for training with a job and family. I have spent my free time learning all I could to help bring knowledge to the female shooter. I have earned many different certifications and now I'm here to help you learn it all too. When I'm not holding classes, working, or spending time with family, I enjoy riding motorcycles, going to the lake, and keeping up with our huskies. 


I am the lead rifle instructor and have been using firearms most of my life. From a young age, I was taught safety always comes first. I wanted to be a better, safer, and more informed firearms owner as I got older so I sought out training. After taking a few classes, I decided to join my mother teaching and sharing with new shooters all the things I was taught. Knowledge is power, and in this business power comes with great responsibility. Along with teaching firearms classes, I am also an engineering undergraduate student at the University of New Hampshire and I work as a 2nd shift machine operator.