NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting  

This certification class is a review and continuation of the New Shooter Seminar. This 8 hour class is for new rifle shooters to learn the basic handling, range safety, marksmanship, cleaning and proper storage, as well as proper operation and components of different types of rifles.


At the end of this class you should be able to:


  • Choose a firearm based on action type, size, caliber, and capacity that is best suited for you and what the intended use of the firearm is

  • Know the components of different rifles and how they work

  • Chose the correct ammunition for the caliber and action type of your firearm

  • Safely handle a firearm using the NRA three basic rules

  • Position your body using different stances on the range including prone, kneeling, and standing positions

  • Demonstrate the fundamentals of rifle shooting

  • Store a firearm properly such that it is protected from unauthorized use

  • Properly clean your firearm once it has been used and for maintenance purposes 

**Registration is open to law abiding U.S. Citizens over the age of 18 or with a signed parental consent form anyone over the age of 16.**

Students will receive:

  • The NRA Guide to the Basics of Rifle Shooting Handbook

  • NRA Marksmanship Qualification Book

Tuition: $90 USD w/ No Rental

               $120 USD w/ Rental + Cost of Ammunition

** 50% Deposit Required Upon Registration